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Brand book

Do you already have a brandbook?

Any company (organization, firm, shop) should have it’s own face. Without this it would be diffiult for your clients and potential customers to identify you among other competiors that propose goods and services that are relatively similar to yours.
Still strong corporate identity> would allow you to stand out and be remembered by the target audience. Corporate identity is a pack of common details and specifications that allows you to create the unique visual appearance of the brand (company).

    • Order the corporate identity development if you want to:

    • Improve the recognition of the company and customer loyalty;
    • create a positive image of the company;
    • simplify the process of promoting your products / services and the preparation of advertising campaigns.

You will have to choose the best option among several layouts.
Additionally, working with us, you are guaranteed to get a unique, adaptive logo that meets the specifics of your business and / or philosophy. Our studio gives the customer all the legal rights to own the logo.

Brandbook. What is it?

Corporate identity, as a rule, can be found everywhere – starting with documentaries of the company, poligraphy, advertisments and souvenir production and enging with clothes of employees and interior of your office. Logo, trademark, corporate colours and fonts, blanks, business cards and slogans, all this is considered to be the corporate identity of your company. It is possible though that there may be several dozens of the following design units and this raises the questions: how can we effectively use them?


In oder to understand what elements should be used in which scenarios (documents, billboards, exhibitions, presentations etc.), there is a special instrunction called Brandbook. This brochure is aimed solely for in-company usage and incudes very detailed and specific rules and regulations of corporate style usage in general and in certain situations.

At what level of business can you or should you create the brandbook?

It is possible to order the development of a corporate identity at any level of your business – at the moment your business was created or when your company is more mature and you are ready to enter new markets.

As our company’s experience claims the majority of the organizations (icluding those that are multinational) sooner or later come to the conslussion that they need strong rebranding – corporate style update. This may be caused due to the development of new fields of activity or with new comapny strategies, when company’s board of directors believs that the previous logo and other elements are outdated or have lost their relevance. In any case it would be preferred to develop new company style and new brand book.

We will help you to develop or update your brand and moreover we will create you a strong brandbook, which would guide you and your colleagues to success and allow your company to penetrate the market smoothly.

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