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Landing Page

What is landing page?

Frankly speaking the word combination “landing page” can be interpreted as a “target page”. Single-page websites are called this way, and their purpose is to stimulate (induce) the user to perform a certain action. Landing page also has other names.
The landing page encourages (motivates) the reader to leave your email address or subscribe, buy some goods or download a file with useful info, make a call or take part in some event and so forth.
Landings were widely used in information marketing business initially, especially for attracting new listeners and buyers of different master classes and training courses. When it turned out that such way of working with users gives great results, trade organizations and other institutions, including those who already have corporate resources and other kinds of websites, started to contact web-studios so as to order landing.

Any platform will suit

Users become more and more mobile. They are looking for the information not only sitting at home or in the office in front of the computer. That is why it is important to ensure the corporate resource design adaptation for tablets and smartphones. We will offer you the best solutions for providing a comfortable work using the screens of different sizes.

It’s important to know!

Together with the target page, it is also called a launch page, squeeze page, login page and so on, but remember that all these names stand for the same thing.

Do you want to create landing with an individual design?

Our studio will develop a web-product, that will give you a guaranteed increase of traffic (through advertising and mailout), and will also increase the percentage of converting usual visitors to real buyers.

What is the difference between landing and other Internet sources?

While listing the main differences of a landing page, a simple structure and laconic design should be noted primarily.

    • This is the product the main task of which is to sell. That is why it has the following concept: to attract attention → to intrigue → to stimulate the proper solution → to induce to carry out an action.
    • Such websites have nothing that can distract you from the one and only goal. Laconic design, attractive headings, clear product information and a call to action are waiting for you here.

Landing Page has been combined with the other website types recently. Sometimes the front (initial) page of the main resource is designed in landing style.

What kind of landing do you need?

In which case it is worth to create landing?
The landing page allows you to do direct sales, generate and structure calls, as well as build relationships with target audience. Use your landing page in order to:

    • present (introduce) a specific product or service in an appropriate manner;
    • announce events;
    • conduct a commercial offer testing;
    • segment the target audience;
    • obtain the users contact data and expand the database.

Order your landing page from us, and get ready to increase of customers’ requests!

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