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Logo – is your company’s face

The main element of a corporate identity is a logo. By itself logotype is a symbol that allows clients to easily identify (or recognize) products of various brands.
Thanks to a well-thought-out and recognizable logo, your consumers will quickly find you among thousands of advertisments & other media. Instead of writing long and boring texts at signboards and packages («We are company Z, that produces and sells furniture»), you can show only one sign by which your potential customers could understand what company in front of them does and what kind of goods it really offers.

Why is it better to let professionals to create your logo?

When you look at company’s branding, it may seem that logo creation is a simple task. Famous logos, as a rule, are pretty simple shapes and phrases. Nevertheless, there is a hard work of designers and marketing specialists lieing for each project. These people are working on each each detail – form, font, colour solutions so to make your item unique and memorable. Additionaly, all this has both symbolic and practical meaning.


The logo must represent not only history, philosophy and company’s activity, but as well be convenient for representing on various surfaces. Approved symbol will be placed at firm documents, at your corporate web-site, at billboards and other places, so it’s sizes would probably be changed. And this means that this element should have a high degree of scalibility. Our experienced professionals have knowledge of doing that.

What kind of logos are there?

When we develop logotypes, we always follow their desires. Youe main symbol can be recreated in a shape of a graphical object, text, illustration, emblem or a combination of all the beforementioned things.

As we design concept and model of your future logo, we do the following:

  • analyze your business, environemnt and target audience;
  • analyze your competitors;
  • check available usage options of your logo;
  • looking for the most optimal font, colour etc.

The only thing you have to do is to hose the best option among several solutions.
Working with us, you are guaranteed to receive unique, adaptive logo, that would follow your specific direction and/or philosophy. Finally, our studio transfers the client all the legal rights for the logo ownership.

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